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Weekend Bargain Hunting at the Amcorp Mall Flea Market

For decades, Amcorp Mall has been the location for the people of PJ and nearby school students to shop, hang out, play at the arcade, and eat. And of course, one of the biggest draws is the flea market that is held every weekend, since 1997.

Text by Amir Imran
Photos and Video by Teoh Eng Hooi

Vendors hawk a delightful and unconventional variety of antiques, toys, comic books, collectibles, arts and crafts, old CDs and vinyl records, old magazines and books, household products, old coins and currency notes. Of course, after tiring of perusing the wares, there are also plenty of refreshments available to quench thirst and sate hunger, and of course, the accompanying chairs to take the weight off, and rest, tired soles.

The Amcorp Mall Flea Market is one of the longest-running in Petaling Jaya, and many individuals and families have made it their weekend activity of choice.

Abdul Rahman, aged 52, is a secondary school teacher who has been trading there for almost 10 years. At his table, you’ll find his passion, vinyl records of both local and western musicians. He has been collecting vinyls since the 70s, from artists like Sharifah Aini and Sudirman. “Many customers come looking for vinyls of artists that they grew up listening to,” he says. However, his customers range in age from young teens to senior citizens.

To him, the stall is just part of his vinyl collecting hobby, or “suka-suka,” as he says. His stock comes from other collectors and his personal stash.

For Jeff Ng, age 42, the Amcorp Mall flea market is a weekend family affair. He helps his father, who buys and sells collectible coins. His father’s fascination with coins began in his teens, with a straits settlement coin from the 1800’s. Over the decades, his collection has grown to number thousands of notes and coins from various points in Malaysian history, as well as the world.

His father began trading at the flea market close to 20 years ago, and inculcated a passion for coins and trading them in his son Jeff, who has joined in for the past 10 years. For them, the Amcorp Mall flea market is the best place for their stall, where like-minded collectors gather, to trade and exchange stories.

Young blood also sets up shop here regularly, Fikri, aged 35 began selling comics at the Amcorp Mall flea market in 2015. He began with back issues of Marvel and DC titles. With support from friends, he started selling current issue titles of comics.

No shops in Malaysia carry current issues, making him unique. “I see this shop as a way to engage my interests,” Fikri says. “It’s not just about selling comics, it’s about matching comic books to readers.”

His inventory covers over 25 current titles, from both mainstream and smaller publishers.

While he feels at home at the Amcorp Mall flea market, there have been offers from other venues to entice him away and set up shop there. Apart from his physical presence in the flea market, he also operates online through instagram.

Sarawak born Jon, age 33,  visits the flea market from time-to-time from Ampang. He reminisces about once buying cheap Batman and Superman figurines in order to customize them. He also browses for comics, and other things that catch his fancy. “I’m very art-driven,” he says of his shopping. “It’s based on luck at the flea market, I hunt, if got something I like, then got, if don’t have, then don’t have.”

He tries to stick to a budget of RM50 or below for his flea market shopping. Some of the items Jon has bought includes picture frames, a vintage wall bottle opener and a soldiers bullet container.