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The PJ Smart City Project

With the launch of the PJ Smart City Project, the city council hopes to turn Petaling Jaya into a fully sustainable city by 2030.



Human society relies on technology to improve the quality of life and that is exactly what Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) plans to do with the Petaling Jaya Smart Centre which will begin construction next year on Jalan Yong Shook Lin.

As of today, they have launched the Petaling Jaya Mini Smart Centre located in the Development Planning Department at the MBPJ headquarters. It currently monitors 70 closed circuit televisions (cctv) all around Petaling Jaya.

The plan for the eventual PJ Smart Centre is to have a central command centre that will allow the monitoring of the city of PJ in aspects involving traffic, air quality, noise and governance. The data harnessed will be used to improve the life of the citizens.

“Advances we will make in the implementation of the Smart City Project will progressively raise the quality of life and improve social inclusion for all citizens in Petaling Jaya,” says PJ Mayor Dato’ Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain.

The city council would like to empower all the stakeholders so that they can play their part in contributing towards the wellbeing of the city. The Smart City Project will enable local players, citizens and entrepreneurs to build PJ into a city that will truly suit their needs.

The system that will be put in place will gather data allowing for the streamlining of the multiple agencies that govern the city. Traffic congestion will be a thing of the past, waste management will be more efficient and communities will be more connected and active.

It will also provide a platform where problems can be brought forth in a more conducive and constructive way so that the right solutions can be implemented in a timely and efficient manner. Basically, administration and policy-making will be improved tremendously.

“The PJ Smart City Project has been designed to take into account the needs of all its stakeholders. With such advancement and implementation of our innovative GIS (Geographic Information System) platform that is geared towards enhancing the city planning efforts and the integration an ability to capture critical data related to all sectors of city services, there is no doubt we will progressively transform PJ into a prosperous and sustainable Smart City,” says Sharipah Marhaini Syed Ali, MBPJ’s Development Planning director.

The PJ Smart Centre building will cost RM500,000 while RM6 million has been allocated to for CCTVs to comprehensively cover the entire city of PJ. MBPJ hopes that the project will develop PJ into a fully smart sustainable city by 2030.