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The Biggest Pasar Malam in PJ

Young or old, for several decades now the Pasar Malam in SS2 has been the place to be on a Monday night for food lovers and shopaholics.

Text and photos by Fila Magnus

Going to the Pasar Malam every week is an activity that has been considered almost a ritual for many Malaysians. For those lucky enough to be living in the area, SS2 is home to the biggest Night Market in Petaling Jaya. There truly is no better way to spend a Monday night and chase the blues away than by giving the night market a visit.

The humidity and the crowds may turn you off and you might have better luck looking for a parking spot in Melaka than the area, but one step into the bustling market, and you would immediately know it’s worth braving through the crowd even if it means walking through a block to get there.

With over a hundred stalls that surrounds almost an entire commercial block of SS2, it isn’t surprising that the night market caters to the needs of just about everyone. From siu mai to phone casings to fresh seafood and fruits, this several decades old night market is perfect for all!

As one walks along the market inhaling the mouthwatering scent of street food and sidestepping youngsters having a great time with their friends, you’d see several dim sum stalls that have mushroomed over the years to cater to the high demands of the public. With a large piece of delicious looking siu mai placed on the traditional rattan steamers being sold at only RM1 a piece, it’s no surprise that the various stalls are as filled as they are.

According to a seasoned Pasar Malam SS2 goer, Angelyn Lee, 53, she claims that she sees many familiar faces, in reference to the sellers.

“I’ve lived in SS2 since the 70s, and this night market had been a huge part of my youth. I still see the Aunty selling Ice Longan from my high school years! I used to go to this Pasar Malam with my mum, and then with my school friends. Back in the day, there weren’t many options for entertainment, so this once a week Pasar Malam was considered as the ‘ultimate’ entertainment place for us. And today, I bring my daughter here. I might not come as often as I used to, but every time I do — it always feels like coming home,” she says.

Despite rising prices of items and higher costs of living in Malaysia, you can still find traditional drinks like the soya bean and “air mata kucing” (longan drink) at below RM2 a pack. A price that has remained the same over several decades without their qualities being compromised.

Although SS2 is a Chinese majority area and is famous for it’s local Chinese delicacies, sellers of other ethnicities were seen to be doing well too.

Tucked away in a corner of the night market, sits Rani Perisamy, 60 surrounded by the gorgeous smelling jasmine garlands, that she has been selling for over 25 years now. Right at the same spot she’s been for over two decades — although no longer staying in the area, Perisamy returns every Monday to set up her stall.

Time: Mondays, 5-10pm

Location: SS2/6