PJKITA > Taman Jaya Park – PJ’s iconic green space

Taman Jaya Park – PJ’s iconic green space

Taman Jaya is one of the earliest green areas in Petaling Jaya and is an intergral community hub for PJrians to get together.

Text and pictures by Debbie Chow

What makes a park especially attractive in this day and age of gym memberships and fitness apps are the rare lake, beautiful trees, functioning amenities, fresh air and of course green grass. Taman Jaya park is a rare gem of a park that checks all these boxes. With a beautiful lake amidst a sea of greenery, it is located just off the Federal Highway in Section 10 Petaling Jaya, the park is a stone’s throw away from the Taman Jaya field and Amcorp Mall.

The park was built in the 60’s with the lake included as an original feature. The lake, which covers a third of the park, contains overflow from drains in Section 5 and Section 10. Upgrading works on the park were done in the early 2000’s which saw the addition of Malay architecture-themed structures such as the Petaling Jaya Museum and Laman Budaya. Besides that, the park also caters to the young, with a large skateboard area. The park also has a toilet and bathroom area for people to freshen up after activities in the park. Filled with many trees of various species, from herbs, fruit trees, the park is a true haven of greenery and relaxation.

It is no wonder that on a drizzly Sunday morning, crowds of people of all ages can be found at Taman Jaya park. Despite the rain, runners, joggers and walkers are seen making their rounds on the walkway surrounding the lake. Ng, a 35-year-old resident of Petaling Jaya has been frequenting the park since taking up running as a hobby to counter hours of sitting and deskwork as a clerk.

“Running at this park is definitely better than running on a treadmill because here the air is fresh and it’s very healthy for your mind because the scenery of the lake and the trees is very calming,” she says.

Having ran the Penang Bridge Marathon 2017, she says she practices for marathons at the Taman Jaya Park, visiting it as often as three times a week, especially on Sunday mornings. She adds that seeing other runners on the path serves as motivation and inspiration for her practice sessions here.

After a good exercise session, one can grab a quick bite from the food trucks lining the curb right outside the park. From Ramly burgers and nasi lemak to kuih and a hot plastic packet of coffee, the food sold are reasonably priced and inexpensive.

Taman Jaya park is not only a place for the fit and health conscious. Many people can be found spending quality time with family there. Along the railings, one can find parents and children casting fishing rods into the lake.

Hafiz Baharom who fishes with his 7-year-old son, Muhammad, says that the goal is not really to catch fish to eat although he does not doubt some people do eat the fish from the lake. He brings his son here to teach him to fish because it is fun and gives him a chance to talk to his son who would otherwise be glued to the iPad at home on weekends.

He also believes that to fish at the Taman Jaya park lake, one has to acquire a fishing permit from MBPJ. The park is a good place for families to rest and relax and later head to any of the nearby restaurants at Amcorp Mall or to the PJ A&W Drive-In for food.

Besides fishing, there are many other fun family activities that can be done at the park. There is a children’s playground for children to play at. Families can spread a picnic mat out on the grass or have a picnic on the picnic benches all over the park. There are also sheltered areas for picnics or simply for lounging.

Taman Jaya park does not only cater to the health-conscious or to families. Many young adults and teenagers can be found spending time at the park, taking selfies or talking among friends. Fajrin Hariz, a 17-year-old athlete from Sunway International School, frequents the park daily to practice freeletics. He particularly appreciates the wide open spaces which allow him to run for miles and the exercise equipment in the park, especially the bars.

Getting to Taman Jaya park by car is easy especially because there is ample parking both at the park entrance, which is park-for-free on weekends, and also parking available across the road at the Amcorp Mall open air parking lot. The park is also walking distance from the Taman Jaya LRT station.

The next time you would like to spend some quality time by yourself, with friends or with family that doesn’t cost as much as a trip to the shopping mall, head to the Taman Jaya park.