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MBPJ’s online portal for complaints

MBPJ has an online portal that allows easy interaction between the community and the council when it comes to highlighting grouses and addressing complaints.

Text by Sheril A. Bustaman

What do you do when you have certain grouses that you need to bring up with the local council? Let’s say the drain in front of your house is clogged up and every time it rains, the water overflows. Maybe the traffic light at the corner of your street is broken and it’s causing massive traffic jams. Or a tree is overgrown and is a danger to pedestrians.

Well, MBPJ has in existence the MBPJ Aduan Online system that allows residents of the Petaling Jaya area to lodge their complaints to the council in five easy steps.

To lodge a complaint, a resident will have to go to this website and register as a user.

After registering, the page will redirect the user to the main page, where on the left panel is the option to lodge a new complaint (“Aduan Baru”). Here, users can fill in the complaint form, stating their complaints as explicitly as they’d like. Types of complaints that can be lodged as categorized on the form included scattered rubbish, clogged drains, faulty street lights, wild dogs, unattended landscapes within housing areas or private properties, road / traffic / pavement obstructions – to name a few.

Users can also include their area and zone, to help MBPJ further identify the specific location of the complaint. There is also a box for the users to fill in their complaints in detail. Users will need to provide their information such as email addresses and phone numbers in order to help MBPJ communicate with the user to follow up on the complaint.

Upon submission of the complaint, users will receive a reference code that can be used to check the status of the complaint on that same website to mitigate the concern of the complaint going unreported or falling through the cracks. Users can track the progress of their complaint with this same reference code through the website as well.

Other than complaints, the online system also provides links to other portals for users to complete other tasks related to MBPJ services, such as the ePay@MBPJ gateway that allows users to pay for license fees, vendor fees, compound fees, etc. There is also a link to MBPJ’s job portal, where new job positions under MBPJ will be posted, and those that are eligible can apply. Users can also sign up for MBPJ’s PJ Green Squad initiative on the website as local enforcers within the community to help keep Petaling Jaya a clean and environmentally friendly city.

This is just one of MBPJ’s many initiatives to foster better communication with the residents of Petaling Jaya, in hopes that the community can truly come together to improve the city and also to make MPBJ more approachable to its community. For more updates on MBPJ’s initiatives, stay tuned to pjkita.my.