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Malaysia to host the World Urban Forum 9

25,000 participants from the field of sustainable urban development and human settlements are expected to convene in Kuala Lumpur in February under the theme ‘Cities 2030, Cities for All’.


Come February 2018, Malaysia will play host to this year’s World Urban Forum (WUF9) where 25,000 participants from all around the world are expected to attend. It will happen from the 7th to the 13th and people from all fields such as national, regional and local governments, non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, professionals, research institutes, finance situations, media and other agencies will be there.

WUF is considered to be the leading platform that provides engagement and interaction for all parties in the field of sustainable urban development and human settlements. This year’s theme is ‘Cities 2030, Cities for All’. Prior to Kuala Lumpur, which happens to be the event’s 9th installment, WUF has been hosted in Naples, Nairobi, Barcelona, Nanjing, Medellin and Vancouver, just to name a few. It happens every two years.

WUF is a non-legislative forum that is organised by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) and the main hope is to influence governments to come up with concrete policies in the pursuit of sustainability and the United Nations hopes to use the forum as a way to influence and persuade the policymakers into doing something. There will be over 500 programmes that will include assemblies, round-tables, dialogues and special sessions.

Image credit: WUF9

This is a good time for this forum to happen and especially so that it happens in Kuala Lumpur. Several city councils in Malaysia are already making it their number one agenda. MBPJ, for example, has already launched it’s PJ Smart City Project and the objective is to be a fully sustainable city come the year 2030. This is, of course, in line with WUF’s own objective where by 2030 will be the year where the world becomes fully sustainable.

Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry secretary-general Datuk Seri Mohammad Mentek said in a press conference that already 18,000 participants have registered so far. The Malaysian government is hosting the forum along with several ministries as part of the National Blue Ocean Strategy.

MBPJ will, of course, be having a booth at WUF9 and the public is encouraged to register and partake in the activities of the forum. They will be sharing with at the forum their best practice experiences administering projects like the PJ Smart City and other community-based activities. Registration is open till 24th January 2018 and can be done online at: http://wuf9.org/registration/