PJKITA > Cyberbullying


Is cyberbullying a cause for concern in Malaysia? A search on Google did not point to a conclusive and definite answer/statistic/report to that question. Nonetheless we should all take necessary precautions as to avoid it being a matter we need to worry about in the near future as more and more Malaysians are hooked into the global IT networks via social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. on a daily basis. Especially taking into account of all the potential cyberbullying cases that are not reported or known to the public. As of now, there are already a few popular cases perpetrated by Malaysians on Malaysians. If it could affect other societies to the extent of resulting in numerous suicide acts for instance, it could definitely one day affects a lot of Malaysians should it be overlooked.

Perhaps what we could do for a start is learn and ensure there is awareness about available tech tools to stop cyberbullies from harassing us and others. For instance, almost all social media platforms would allow their users to block anyone they dislike. The users could even report to the social media platforms’ admin. Also, as cyberspace community members, everyone should be encouraged to take action on the bully who is antagonizing the people that we know. This would refuse empowerment to the aggressor as oppose to just be bystanders to the bullying. Concurrently, we should also reach out to the victim to help restore their dignity and self-confidence. Initiatives such as these would deter potential bullies and ensure a safe environment for social interactions within the cyberspace.