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Bringing Back Pasar Malam At Our Uptown

Remember those days when our uptown had a pasar malam setup surrounding it? I’m sure a lot of people who had experienced that are missing it for quite some time now. Who wouldn’t. The mere prospect that you have a pasar malam to go to every night if you want to is just too good of an idea to just let go.Uptown was happening with lots of people visiting on every night compared to the subdued scene these days. It was stopped for a while now but perhaps we should try to revive the pasar malam setup at our uptown.

However we should address the issues that possibly had gotten the pasar malam out from uptown in the first place. If we are to bring back the pasar malam, all involved parties must ensure that there will be no traffic congestion due to it. Maybe by limiting the number of stalls and setting them up at more strategic spots would solve that issue. On top of that, parking space must be enough and a few personnel must be deployed to ensure no one double park or block any road around the area. Apart from that, every stall owner must ensure the cleanliness of their stall and customers must not litter. If all this could be done, perhaps we could see a pasar malam back at our uptown.